About Us

Founded in 2017, SpiceWise is located in the heart of the West Coast in the quaint town of Paternoster, one of the oldest fishing villages on the West Coast of South Africa. It is situated 15 km north-west of Vredenburg and 145 km north of Cape Town, at Cape Columbine between Saldanha Bay and St Helena Bay.

The spice trade is one of the oldest industries, which changed not only the way people cooked, but also how they viewed the world as a community.

We set out with the intention of bringing once unattainable ingredients to your kitchen in just a few clicks. With our wide range of products, you’ll be sure to find everything you need for whatever you’re cooking up in the kitchen. Meals bring friends and families together and we’re proud to be the spicy glue that helps.

SpiceWise was started by 2 entrepreneurs eager to provide quality, home-made spices to the South African market, in addition to the more traditional spices already available.

Our Management Team:

Jurie de Villiers

Jurie has been in the spice industry for more than four years, and has a passion for the products he supplies, as well as building strong relationships with his customers.
Coming from a varied professional background, he found his niche when he started working as an internal sales agent for Petrow Food Ingredients. From there he was appointed customer services manager, and was later promoted to logistics, taking care of the day to day workings of supplying the house brand range of spices and seasonings to Pick and Pay and Makro stores nationwide. It is within this time at Petrow where he joined with Boepensie and Ouboet and started SpiceWise, to become supplier of their product on the west coast of South Africa.


Corné Oosthuizen

Corné has 17 years experience in the IT space. After completing technical training in the Windows, DOS, Networking and MCSE (NT) he successfully completed his A+ and MCP. He went on to study call centre management and then in 2001 he joined NuPayment Solutions, a company offering payment solutions in the micro-lending industry. Here Corné was involved in various roles in the call centre and when the opportunity arose he joined the team to start a new EFT transaction product at the company. In this role he was part of the team managing the product end to end from the software development, pricing and day to day operations. When the company was acquired by a JSE listed entity Corné left to focus on his entrepreneurial side and joined the Triloq group of businesses in 2011 where he focused on payment solutions, infrastructure and leading of the software development team. Corné is currently also director of Triloq Technologies a IT business based in Johannesburg and Cape Town and Munang Technologies a PSIM focused business.  Corné has vast knowledge gained over the years in the IT environment and is well positioned to support the vision of SpiceWise.